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About Whicham

The Parish of Whicham is situated in the remote south west

corner of Cumbria, mostly within The Lake District National

Park, in the southern part of the Borough of Copeland. The communities are located on the narrow coastal

plain by the Irish Sea or along the Whicham valley. The bulk

of the parish is dominated by Black Combe.


The parish also has safe sandy accessible

beaches and is used by visitors and locals for a range of activities; swimming, dog walking, fishing,

boating, horse riding, wind/ kite surfing. This valuable tourism resource has the award of Blue Flag

Status .


The parish is an area of hidden antiquity; megalithic

standing stones, stone circles and ancient tracks. The

coastal land has been inhabited from Neolithic times

and had a significantly large concentration of stone

circles surrounding Black Combe. Most disappeared at

the height of the 18th and 19th century agricultural

revolution. The surviving ones are on Lacra and at



Farming is the main source of income, supplemented by tourism for those seeking

simplicity and quiet surroundings. Horticulture and residential care have added to the rural economy.



This landscape set against the dramatic backdrop of Black

Combe has inspired some of our country’s most

acclaimed poets and writers; William Wordsworth,

Branwell Bronte, Norman Nicholson and Alfred

Wainwright, enriching our heritage at local, national and

international level.


Whicham Parish Council meetings are held at Silecroft Village Hall



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