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Sal Millar

Hello, My name is Sal Millar, retired now, apart from running Bed and Breakfast inSilecroft and the odd graphics or pet portrait work.


I moved to Silecroft in 2005, but have known and loved it since my parents retired here in 1973.  I knew the area well before that, from childhood holidays with my uncle, who lived and worked locally.


My ex-husband's job involved a lot of moves, so I have had several jobs.  I have worked as a technician, both in schools and hospitals, but my major employment has been in in environmental education and interpretive graphics.  When I first moved to Silecroft, I worked at HMP Haverigg in the library.


I became a member of Silecroft Beach Improvement Group in 2013 and have been involved with the cafe project since then.


I have recently been elected as a director of Black Combe (Whicham) Community Interest Company.


For Declarations of Interest, please click on the link belwo:


Sal Millar